Trails,Christmas,Beards,Storms, and Fun!

Last few months have been hectic. Last month made a trip to Shotgun Trails to ride and film for a new edit I have been working on with Dan Foley. That was pretty awesome, always enojoy riding there. Thanks to the locals for allowing us to ride and for digging out there! Here is a screen grab from a clip out there.

Then went to Roanoke, Va for christmas with my girlfriend and her family. Here is a photo of Santa and Charlottes brother from her families christmas party, haha.

After getting home Brandon Christie was in town visiting so I got to hang out and ride the backyard with him.

After that was the Rye jam that I had to miss because of some crazy storm.

Mike Gray, Brandon Webster, Erik Favot, and Justin Browne came by town and rode with me for the day as well as filmed on their roadtrip to Florida from Canada. Bunch of rad dudes!Finally, yesterday Leigh, Alex Johan, and I took a trip out to Fayetteville, NC to ride the Omni trails but it rained. We got to ride this park there called Double Decker park tho and that was rad. Got to meet a ton of sweet dudes and ride and chill there for the day. Todd Nichols and Alex Schuler came and Todd got this photo of me whipping a gap that got picked for VitalBMX`s “Photo of the Day”. Also got Alex and I flaring a bank/quick tranny.

In other news, I been digging a bunch behind the Animal House and Bob Mead`s beard is getting long.

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