It’s been a huge honor to be able to work with the brands I ride for and create some signature products I can call mine and be proud of. Below is collection of images showing you an up close look at my signature version two handlebars with Eastern and my signature pivotal seat with EZRA.

You can get my bars from any of the Eastern dealers/shops HERE, or from Vein BMX. You can get my seat from Vein BMX by clicking HERE.

Bar specs:

-100% 4130 chromoly multi-butted grip tubing and double-butted cross bar

-heat-treated after welding

-embossed eastern logo in crossbar

-limited-lifetime warranty

-signature sticker pack included

-rise: 8.8″

-width: 28″

-backsweep: 12 degrees, upsweep: 4 degrees

-weight: 31.0 ounces

The main focus I had with my version 2 signature bars was comfort. I decided to increase the rise to 8.8 and upsweep to 4 degrees. Those dimensions, to me, allowed for the most comfortable ride and on point handling. They feel good with hops and also with simply cruising down the road. Great detail also played a key part with the embossed EB logo, style of tubing, colors, and a signature sticker pack that’s included.

I designed my seat with both functionality and style in mind. I chose the combination of specific materials, stitching, embroidery, embossing, and colors to bring you a product that not only adds comfort, but a lot of style to your ride.


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