Coming into this winter I’ve been keeping busy with riding as much as possible. Below are a ton of photos I’ve shot with my phone featuring both riding and behind the scenes. You can follow me on Instagram to view even more.

Walking down an alley way in downtown Fort Wayne, IN.

Double tire ride. They always say some of the best streets will be found in the ghetto. This rail is a perfect example of that.

I’ve been getting in a lot of filming to finish up an edit for my parts sponsor EZRA to go along with the release of my signature freecoaster. Stay tuned!

Could this spot get any better?

Yes, it just got that much better. This spot was a ton of fun. I can’t wait to go back.

Night session in a parking garage.

A bunch of locals stoked on EB!

Hooking up a local rider’s bike with some EB goods.

Cleaning my lens to prepare and clock in a clip.

Close up of my signature V2 Eastern bars, which are available NOW! Click HERE for the details.

Avoiding the snow with an indoor session.

Filming in Anderson, IN.

Back alley double peg grind.

Can-can foot plant at a foundation spot in Connersville, IN.

Quick bike rack hop during a session with some of the C-ville locals.

In search of new spots.

Shot from above while exploring an abandoned factory.

My good buddy Andy Sizemore with a rail hop.

…still searching.

Trail session on my Eastern 26″ bike.

Hit up to see some of my latest photography.

Solo morning park session in Noblesville, IN.

Street session in Muncie, IN.

Winter has officially arrived.

What the.

Local neighborhood rat and myself back in 2001.

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