Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this! I had a nice holiday back home, some time off my bike and played my brothers guitar a lot while relaxing with family. Came back and got sick for almost 2 weeks, arch, careful guys, its out there and wants to get you!
The good news is when I was just getting on the mend, there has been wave after wave of groups of people coming through AZ to enjoy the spots and weather.  So a lot of these pics are from those sessions. I caught Stew Johnson trying old school flatland moves, had a picnic with some homies at a spot, Justin Kosman stayed with me for a week, filmed a Christmas edit as Santa Claus, with my friend Kyle who is a real Dwarf and shreds. I seriously almost passed out in the Santa suite is was so hot with 3 layers of clothing on. Markit, Dans Comp, BSD, and Fit pretty much in that order right after one another Came out. It’s nice to have people come to YOUR town, vs the other way.  Went on a chilly day hike with with the girl, getting out enjoying the close mountains. Umm, that’s it, playing guitar for my upcoming recording session in March for my new record. That’s all. Go enjoy warm weather or an indoor session!

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