Happy 4th!

Hey Guys,

Just checking in and saying whats up! Been pretty busy lately with shows and Dew Tour and more shows. Loving being on the road and traveling with my homies. Few weeks ago went to Ocean City, MD for Dew Tour. Made the trip up in my new Subaru Forester with Todd Meyn. Had a fun time riding and chilling on the beach. Here is a video from the contest, I got a clip in it! https://blog.easternbikes.comwww.vitalbmx.com/videos/member/Best-of-Dew-Tour-Ocean-City,48377/LorenzoGallegos,5781

Followed that up with a show in Chicago a week later for Keith King BMX Stunt team (https://blog.easternbikes.comkingbmx.com/) with my buddies Scott Wirch, Johnny Deadwhyler, and Dane Beardsley. Had a blast seeing some friends I dont see often! Heading out to Columbus, Ohio this weekend for some more shows with some good friends.

Other then that, I have just been riding and trying to stay healthy and enjoy my time. I have also decided to start some classes and work my way into a Health Sciences program one day. Pretty excited because I love to learn now and will start laying the foundation for my future. Funny because I am paying to go back to school and remember when I was younger I waited until school was out to go ride and didn’t want to be in class.

Hope everyone has a sweet 4th of July and safe weekend. If its not raining near you go ride that bike!

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