Hot in the city

Summer has had a great start for me. Finishing up final production for my newest music release “Escapism” Put together a new prototype Grim Reaper which I am loving. NO BB cut outs! yay! Riding lots of night sessions and most importantly and recently heading out to Woodward West for a week, and LA for the ODSY/Full Factory Ramp Jam. Having a break from the heat was amazing. The ODSY ramps are super fun and built really well. Lots of people showed up and I cant wait to get back for a private session.
I went shopping in the warehouse before heading over to camp for a week as visiting pro. Rode street with Jeff Z, B-Dubbs, and Scott Ditchburn. Filmed some clips for “Doorstep” and even did a bike check for Transworld. It was a super productive 2 days in LA.  Had such a fun time with everyone.
Woodward was endless fun as always. Super productive for me. Shot for an upcoming 2 page article featured in BMX Plus!, I wont say what, but its going to be funny and different. Filmed 2 separate Woodward edits, 10 for 10 (it’s their 1o yr anniversary) and a Day in the Life of me at camp, which came out pretty funny was well.  The new BMX plaza is so fun, that’s pretty much all I rode while there. The Pump track is sick too. Make it out for camp this year if at all possible, you wont be disappointed.  There are so many good people that make Woodward what it is, besides all the great stuff to ride. The people are rad too! Thanks.

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