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Hey there, welp, enjoying the last few weeks of awesome AZ weather before the devil comes out with a blow torch and heats every piece of sand to a million degrees here. I went to Woodward West Spring Camp, that was super fun. It snowed. That was cool too. I love asking campers to do random things at camp, kinda shake off that “Im at woodward and have to learn some crazy trick vibe” so I made people ride forwards sitting backwards on there bike, drop in backwards on there bike to a wedge, and ride up the foam roll in backyards for some Armourdillo gear. Got home from camp and started working on mounting my Elf antlers, went to Bass Pro shop, place rules. Found a tool to take a butt out with. Yep. Found the best rail up in a long time, didnt’ have my bike, but, definitely going back. Full pictures of that once mounted. If some of these photos look familiar, then your following me on all the social, if NOT, then get on it! My twitter and the oh so cool facebook and don’t forget instagram android users! Im under: adambanton.

Besides that you should probably go to this website, its my new all time favorite. Cheers!

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