Barbecue Time!!!

So last Saturday we were lucky enough to have a great group of guys come by our shop.  The Shadow dudes stopped through to grab some burgers and to hang out with our Colorado crew for the day.  A grip of our locals banned together to make sure the T.Shadow.C. dudes had a stop that they wouldn’t forget.  Our Pusher Bike Shop regulars went down the night before to clean up the spot and add a couple of crete hits.  Preston and his buddies threw together some sweet grind boxes to add to the mayhem.  We can’t thank Preston enough for all the after hours work that no one gets to see him and his friends put in.  They help us out tremendously with pulling off all of our events.  Preston you guys are the best!  Clay and New School went out and bought the food, packed up the grills, and got the shop ready to go.  Lawrence was the chief for the day and did an awesome job cooking burgers and what appeared to me to be a salad disguised in the shape of a hamburger patty.  After a nice lunch and flatland jam of bunny-hop tricks, the group headed out to the spot where some crazy stuff went down.  All in all it was a great day.  Thanks to the Shadow dudes for hangin’ with us.  We had a blast!!!  Thanks Rohrbach and Nick Reese for documenting the days events.  You guys also rule!!!

Some hamburgers, hotdogs, and green patty things.  Lawrence on the cut!

This is our shop security.  Please, please, please, don’t test him!

My longtime partner in crime and shop owner… Clayton Brown.

Ben Hucke, me,  Simone Barraco, and Eric Bahlman.  Stealin’ stuff!

This is where it all went down.  D.Y.I. FUN!!!

Packed!!!  All sizes, all ages, all genders.  Colorado Represent!!!

Chuckin’ the bars!  Somebody get that man some shoes!!!

Simone takin’ the light rail to work!!!

If you didn’t pull your trick then you had to face the Dog Pound.  Tony Craft about to THROW Jordan back into the ring!

Simone, THIS song is for you!!!

Probably the safest place to be for a product toss!!!

These grips are so light that when they tossed them out they just floated there!

This shredder had had made some comments to me that I will for ever hold dear to my heart.  I have been stoked on this guy for a very long time.  Not only for his skills on a bike, but for his professionalism that he brings to our sport.  From the way he destroys every obstacle in his path, to the amount of time he spends dedicated to his sponsors and all the people that look up to him, this guy is the total package.  One dude that I have looked forward to meeting for a long time… Ben Hucke.

I learned two things this trip.  1. That there are Amish people living in Colorado,  and 2. That they own gas cards.  Who would have known?

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