Yo guys, hope everyone is getting to ride outside as much as I have been able to lately. Weather has been sick and I been taking advantage of it. ย Well first off I moved to a new house in Greenville,NC with my chick, dogs, and have acquired roommates as well.

First thing we did was build up my ramps I had at my old house as well as change some and build new ones.5 and a half foot quarter in the driveway and the ledge….
The ledge again, the flat rail, and the smaller ledge…..The 4 foot quarter with a fun small subrail and a weird jersey barrier type ramp I thought would be cool to build and ride… and Craig Mast in there haha.

Also Daniel Dhers is taking over Mirra`s warehouse and having some remodeling done to it. We been helping out a little with that and took a cool photo of it mid remodel.Other then all that just been riding and filming stuff. Got a bike check/video in the works and should be out hopefully soon.

-Josh P.

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