Daniel Donges Bike Check

Our Australian rider, Daniel Donges has come to America for a few months to explore the states and ride as much as he can. And to do it cheaply he got himself an old Chevy van that he now calls home for his stay here. Eastern also hooked him up with a fresh new ride too. Below is what he is riding.

Donga Bike Check Van
Donga stoked on his new ride and van.

Donga Bike Check Bike
Frame:  Eastern Vaquero 20.75″ Matte Black
Fork:  Eastern Hawkeye

Donga Bike Check Bike Bars
Bars:  Eastern Wonderyears 8.5″ rise
Headset:  Eastern
Stem:  S&M Challanger

Donga Bike Check Bike Grips
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Lever: Gold Finger
Barends: Eastern Alloy

Donga Bike Check Bike Cranks
Pedals:  Eastern Crown
Cranks:  Eastern Nomad
Sprocket:  Shogun 25 tooth
Chain: Nitrous Half-Link

Donga Bike Check Bike Rear Hub
Donga Bike Check Bike Front Hub
Wheels: Eastern Venus

Donga Bike Check Bike Front Wheel
Donga Bike Check Bike Rear Tire
Back Tire:  Eastern Burnout Kevlar Folding
Front Tire:  Eastern Fuquay-Flyer Folding

Donga Bike Check Bike Seat
Seat Post:  Nitrous
Seat:  Eastern

Donga Bike Check Bike Sticker
One of Donga’s hook-ups back home, Back Bone BMX.

Donga 360
Donga and a flat table 360

Donga 360 Whip
this is awesome, a whipped out three.

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