I’m sick of summer

Well, I am very happy to be typing this having ridden outside today and it was below 100F. It was 98, but that still counts. My first summer here in AZ has almost come to an end and I could not be happier about it. Sure, the dust storms are exciting and it did rain more than I thought, but I am ready for what one of the reasons I moved here. An amazing winter. And actually the next 8 months will be rad here, so if your in the area, hit me up on one of the socials, because I’m going to be out riding.

So, I just got back from a long run of back-to-back trips, I spent a little time in Cleveland and swung by Chenga of course to say hi. Even got to ride the pedal bike. And see a pink ramp.

I was home for one day then off to Interbike. I hung out at the EB booth a lot and there was always something going on in it. Bob Meade from Ohio was my side kick for most of the show, it was his first time so I had fun showing him around. I always love going to the show and seeing everyone, hanging with Jon and Mike the owners of Eastern is always a highlight as well. Even Got to see Duncan Gore! So good to run into him for a second.  BMX is fun. I even ran into the oldest bike pump I have ever seen. Of course it was in Ohio. Eastern’s very own Leigh Ramsdell was the host of NORA Cup in case you live under a rock and haven’t seen anything from it. Seeing Leigh up there made me proud to have known him for so long and to call a good friend, and he truly lives BMX and always has. He did an amazing job and made NORA Cup so much better. He had everyone laughing the entire night. What else? Umm, oh yeah! Woodward was awesome enough to put me and some campers hanging by the grill on the cover of their new catalog. Pretty stoked. They rule and I hope to see all of you at camp next year!

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