Last month I spent a little over a week in North Carolina to meet up with a lot of the EB crew for some good times. I was also getting some filming done for a couple projects I have going on like this Eastern Bikes How-to Backwards Manual video for example. As always I had my camera with me to fire off some shots during the trip. Scroll down below for the goods.

Fakie wall ride at an unbelievable handmade spot created by a bunch of my NC friends.

Anthony Williams rules.

Anthony Williams again with a solid ice grind.

Figure this one out.

My boy Zachery Rogers having a good time on his bike like usual.

Zachery Rogers.

Sticker making mad man Zack Roberts with a pedal pick stall.

Darren Bouldin fufanoogie on the sub.


Leigh Ramsdell likes old school. Me too.

Backflip fakie?

Leigh Ramsdell bombed this rail before I even had my camera out. He was kind enough to do it again for me. Rad.

Philthy Phil Jones hustling behind the camera. Peep for BMX fun.

Adios amigos!

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