One last time for Utah….

2-weeks-after-this-i-was-riding-outside-in-a-t-shirt-global-warming-is-real2 weeks after this I was riding outside in a t-shirt. Global warming is real.

photo-with-a-dialed-and-clean-no-handerPhoto with a dialed and clean no-hander.

scott-hess-classic-flattyScott Hess. Classic Flatty.

this-is-boston-he-has-ti-spokes-on-his-16-inchThis is boston. He has ti spokes on his 16 inch.

this-is-canon-i-ride-with-him-often-seriouslyThis is Canon. I ride with him often. Seriously.

So one last post of Utah before my summer gets a little crazy with some traveling, couch surfing and Bmx’ing. Thats what it’s all about right? Well, don’t answer that. But sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination. I heard that somewhere. So Utah has had crazy weather the last month, a nice spring and taste of old man winter together. My ribs are still bruised from snowboarding, but I got some good sessions on before that happened. NOtice people in these pics are wearing T-SHIRTS. Wow.

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