Josh Perry’s Ohio Summer

Here are a bunch of photos for ya. Some of the non riding ones are from when we took a ferry to an island called Put In Bay. Took a ferry over, rented mopeds, and got loose, haha!
-Josh Perry

josh-perry-all-wheels-extreme-crew ohio summer
Trevor Meyer(3 time x-games medalist for flatland), Nick Digeroloma, Mike Castillo, and Josh Perry at the Cedar Point ‘All Wheels Extreme’ stage.

josh-perry-moped josh-perry-and-crewjosh-perry-and-crew-2 josh-perry-all-wheels-extreme josh-perry-all-wheels-extreme-4 josh-perry-all-wheels-extreme-3 josh-perry-all-wheels-extreme-2 photo by Chris Martinez josh-perry-cedar-point1 josh-perry-360-nohander

All Photos from Josh Perry’s Iphone (except Cedar Point sign photo taken by Chris Martinez)

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