Emily sent in this awesome step-by-step pedal dyeing demonstration with our famous Eastern CFRP pedals.

“I would like to share a cool story with you guys about your plastic pedals. I recently got a new AM bike and have been in the process of color matching all my parts, as you do.  Everything was going great until I couldn’t get the pedals I wanted to run in the colors I wanted.  Bummer.  It’s not running Easterns, but they are a nylon composite pedal.  Awesome!  I thought, I’ve used fabric dye to color other things made from nylon.  Surely it would work to dye pedals too!  I contacted the manufacturer of the pedals asking if they had any advice on whether dying would work or damage the pedal, but they didn’t.  Aww, bummer…  Then, the little grey cells, they remembered a second set of plastic/nylon pedals that were ripe for using as a test in the dying process.  The Eastern CFRP.  I didn’t have the colors I wanted for my AM bike, but I did have red which would turn my blue Eastern pedals a great shade of purple.  Cue the awesome.  Two different styles of dying technique were used to magically make these unique things of beauty.”


“First we did a minimal temperature test to see whether the dye would take and to make sure the pedals weren’t damaged in any way.  When that succeeded with better than expected results, we decided to step it up a notch and try the “stove top” technique.  The dye was heated to about 135-140°F and left to sit for around 30 minutes.  The results, they’re brilliant.  I could not be happier with how these pedals have turned out.  They are truly unique.  The minimal heat gave a nice light purple shading, the stove top gave a dark rich sort of plum or maroon.  The fade effect wasn’t intentional, but it looks good.”

“I hope you guys think this is as cool as I do.  Long term effects are yet to be known, but so far it’s looking good.”

– Emily

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