Escaping the frozen tundra

  • So I recently went home to Minnesota for a visit, and since its -30 there all the time and riding outside basically is impossible I decided to steal Nick Anderson and take him back to Charlotte for the rest of the winter. So We packed my car to the gills and left that frigid winter behind us and started the 22 hour journey to north carolina. Nick and I just leaving minnesnowta So about 11 hours into the drive we where feeling it pretty hard, but we still couldn’t pass by Louisville without a quick pitstop at the skatepark. Louisville pit stop So we eventually made it to Charlotte, and since we’ve been here we’ve been doing nothing but shreddin, riding bikes outside, YES!! Here are some photos of some stuff we’ve been riding lately. Seamus cuvre wall Seamus can curve wall ride anything you put in front of him. Colin can jammer Here’s Colin tweakin a sweet can jam Zach toe boggin Zach can do toboggan’s on steep hips. Nick ledge manual Im not even sure why Nick runs a front wheel, its never on the ground. nikko 270 table This is Nikko Gatarz, yeah you say it like the instrument Adam rocks with. Nikko 270 no hander And Nikko likes to go high. Zach on Grayson 8 footZach ledge to t down Zach really likes bikes, and he keeps Nick and me on ours a lot, thanks Zach! Until next time america..
  • -Eric Holley.

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