Warm winter…busy days with friends…

photo 5Ramps

The last 2 months have been busy. But unfortunately if you didn’t hear, I broke a rib in early November, on… would you believe trying to ice pick a flat ledge? Yep. Put my foot down on a lower waxed part of the ledge and slipped out and spun around to land on the back side right on a cement corner. I’m all healed up now though. Stuff happens.

What has been awesome and kept me kinda busy is having some friends come through town. Here’s some random things that have been going on: In the spare time I had built up a new Eastern Grim Reaper 8, can’t believe this frame has been around this long, but honestly I really like what it has become. The bike is feeling so good. I went to the Mediocre at Best video premiere in PHX. Great vid,  go watch it and buy a copy!  Finding a curved wall ride right next to the spot you came to ride in the first place is awesome and thats what happened to me.  Getting the vinyl test pressing of my 3rd album “Escapism” in my hands to listen and approve. And yes, I approve! It sounds fantastic.  Shows have been part of my life since I can remember not having a normal job. So yeah, I did some shows in a field with a wooden run up. Pretty fun actually. Funny how so much has changed in BMX, but doing shows like this haven’t changed.  Arizona is in full swing of prime weather and teams have been passing through, its rad when you can catch them and ride with the crew.  Along with getting back into riding, that means I’m getting back into shape. Cooking up some new veggie recipes have been happening a lot. I’m not vegetarian, but my Girlfriend and I have dabbled in it and have really made some amazing meals. I’m feeling in shape and good, and I love it. Can’t beat AZ winters! Camping is in my future!- Adam

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