“Wandering to Woodward West” w/ Adam Banton

Video Edited by thecomeup.com

Adam Banton decided to take a trek to the Nude Bowl and Camp Woodward for this TCU guest edit entitled “Wandering to Woodward West”. See posts from the trip by using the tag #wanderingtowoodwardwest

“I wanted to take a trip through the rockies and enjoy the scenery along the way to visiting Woodward West like I do every summer. Hearing about the Nude Bowl running again, we made that a must to ride. So I grabbed my buddy Jason Lorenz, packed the cameras and car and set off for a long drive to enjoy a week at Woodward hanging with campers and filming the sessions. You hear the phrase “It’s not always the destination but the journey” in this case it was both. Hope this is a reminder and some form of motivation to grab a friend or two and make a road trip happen this winter.”

For more Adam Banton click here

Facebook: facebook.com/adambanton
Twitter: @adambanton
Instagram: @adambanton

FILMED BY: Jason Lorenz and Adam Banton
EDITED BY: thecomeup.com

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