Spent a day at the races…

So I received a call earlier in the week asking if our crew wanted to come out to our local BMX track and help put on a dirt jumping event.  You know we’re down!!!  More about that later.  As far as the racing goes, I witnessed some unbelievable wrecks that I really can’t believe these guys AND gals were RIDING away from.  I was blown away by the amount of bike control those racers have.  Aside from all the great talent, I ran into a group of kids that I really admire.  Not only for their dedication, determination, commitment and skills that they possess on their bikes, but also for their personalities.  They are respectful, polite, and just all around great kids!  I was so stoked to meet up with these guys because they are some of the ones that we hang out with at the skatepark.  They are some of the kids that come to the park and make a difference through their actions and reactions.  THEY COME TO HAVE FUN!!!  I like that!  They never anything negative to say and are not afraid to tell someone “good job” or “have a good day”.  If everyone put in as much effort into life as these guys do, the world would be an even better place to live in.  Thanks dudes…  You are the reason that I love this stuff  SOOO much!

Derek, Oscar, Andrew, me, and Will.  AWESOME kids!!!  You guys killed it today!!!

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