South Bend, Indiana

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and riding lots! I havent been riding in over a week now due to a minor set back with my knee. 

Weekend before last I went to South Bend, IN with my roommate Vince Byron to the Kitchen Skatepark contest. They were holding their annual “Stay Strong” contest. That place is amazing! I was trying to jump this hip/gap from a 6 foot quarter over the back railing to another section into a hip for the box section. Was over rotating just enough I put a foot down and tweaked my knee a bit.
I have been icing, stretching, and working at getting my mobility and strength back in it. I would like to be 100% for Simple Session next week but at this point I am  just hoping my knee is good enough to ride around and have fun until its back to 100%.

If you get a chance to go to the Kitchen skatepark look for these wrist bands to help support Brett Banasiewicz!Check their website to buy them off there and check out the park!

Thanks to Brett and his family for hosting such an amazing event and supporting all the riders as much as possible and Bare Essentials for their medical support with me and all the riders!

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