Robbie Taylor Prototype Frankenstein Bike Check

At the warehouse, our TM Robbie Taylor has access to some old prototypes that didn’t go into production and he came up with the crazy idea to combine them! A lot of credit goes to expert welder Mark McDonald who used his light touch to make this dream a reality and not a nightmare.

Frame: 2 Eastern Prototype Samples from late 2000s

Fork: Eastern Throttle Fork

Bars: Eastern Atom 9.5″

Stem: Eastern Throttle Topload

Grips: Eastern Riblet

Barends: Eastern nylon

Headset: Eastern 45/45 with Tall Cap & Spacer Kit

Brakes: None

Clamp: Integrated

Seatpost: Eastern Throttle Forged

Seat: Eastern Nylon Fat Pivotal

Pedals: Eastern Facet

Cranks: Eastern Throttle 48 Spline

Sprocket: Eastern Phorcys

Eastern Half Link

Front tire:
Eastern Throttle

Front wheel:
Eastern Atom

Rear tire:
Eastern Throttle

Rear wheel:
Eastern Atom

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