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Ryo Kun’s Stats

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Age: 21 years

Riding since: 2008

Frame: Grim Reaper Eternal Edition






How long has Ryo Kun been riding for Eastern Bikes?  Six months.

Years Riding:  About three years.

What got you started riding:  It was because BMX riding seemed so easy to me, which didn’t turn out to be true.

Best place traveled: Nagoya, Japan

How is the riding scene in Japan?  There are not many riders in Japan if compared with the United States or Europe. But riders have good relation mutually, and the skate park has also been made little by little. So Japanese BMX scene has been rising now!

What gets you motivated to ride: Riding freestyle keeps me up. I ride street as well as flatland.

Future Plans: I’m planning to go to some countries to ride around my BMX for a couple of years in the future.

Yes or no? Yes – As well as possible.
No – Nothing.


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