Jonathan Janson’s Stats

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 21 years, 8 months

Riding since: 2005

Frame: Codec

Sponsors:, We Are Level and Eastern Bikes





What got you into the BMX world to begin with?
My friend bought a BMX one summer and I thought it seemed fun so I started to do some work at home and stuff just trying to save up some money and then I finally bought one at the end of the summer.

How is the scene where you live at?
I think it’s a great scene. It’s not that big compared to other countries but all the riders are fun to ride and hang out with.

Who are the people that you ride with the most now?
The people I ride with the most are just my friends that I started out with and the locals that live around the spots/parks.

What is your favorite thing about BMX?
I can’t really say that i have a specific thing that I like the most. I just like riding.

What countries do you wish to tavel too?
I’ve seen a lot of footage from China and Australia lately so that would be sweet.

What contries have you been to so far for BMX?
I’ve been to England, Spain and the States.

What was your favorite BMX trip?
I would have to say that Barcelona was the best just because that the spots were so amazing.

What gets you motivated…with riding and just life in general?
I don’t really know… having fun I guess.

Top five bands at the moment:
Arcade fire,The Drums , Wu-Tang clan, Papoose and Underneath the gun

Any last words?
um…I’m not great with words.


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