Raw Repeater

Take a look at Anthony Villani’s raw Repeater bike build.

This raw Repeater bike build has a rough blue collar look but features some nice anodized blue details to really set it off! Anthony Villani is always delivering fire colorways and this one is no different. Check out the components and set up your own Eastern build!

Frame: Eastern Repeater 21.69 (paint stripped to raw)

Fork: Eastern Swivelhip (black)

Bars: Eastern Scythe 10” (acid wash)

Stem: Ezra Topload (blue)

Grips: Eastern Riblet (blue & black)

Barends: Eastern nylon

Headset: Eastern 45/45 with Tall Cap & Spacer Kit

Brakes: None

Clamp: Integrated

Seatpost: Eastern Throttle Alloy (black)

Seat: Eastern Durahyde Pivotal

Pedals: Eastern Facet (blue)

Cranks: Eastern Throttle 48 Spline

Sprocket: 25T Eastern Phorcys (black)

Chain: Eastern 7-Series (blue)

Front tire: Eastern Curb Monkey 100psi

Front wheel: Eastern Throttle (black)

Rear tire: Eastern Curb Monkey 100psi

Rear wheel: Eastern Throttle (black)

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