[twocol_one]eastern-throttle brake levers


The intermediate level Throttle lever is perfect for a rider wanting to upgrade from a stock brake lever. The Throttle lever has a durable and dependable forged 6061 alloy construction.

WEIGHT // 2.4 oz
// Lightweight design
// Forged 6061 Alloy
// Two Finger
// Hinged Clamp


eastern-team brake levers


Our forged alloy brake levers by Eastern Bikes featuring a longer blade, hinged clamp for easy installs and removal and a light yet strong design.

WEIGHT // 2.9 oz
// Functional and elegant design refined over years of rider input
// Forged alloy construction brake lever
// Hinged clamp for easy installation and removal for the brake-curious rider
// Features a longer blade for greater ease when 2-finger braking
// Basic and universal colors for easy paint matching



Strong and light BMX and mountain bike brake levers by Eastern Bikes made using the best quality materials and testing.

We strongly encourage you to visit your local bike shop and try them out.[hr]

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