On the Road

So since the beginning of the month I have been on the road a bunch. Started off the month driving from Greenville to Toronto with Vince and Nick for Toronto Jam. I have always wanted to go because it always looks so fun and was psyched we got to go. After the long drive back I was home for day, rode, and then was back on the road to Florida for a show for Mike Mancuso. Was there for a day for the show then drove back to Greenville for 2 days then went to Miami for a Monster Event. We rode the event for the day then drove to Atlanta do to a school show for the kids out there. After that made another long drive home and hopefully be able to ride and relax at home for a bit.

I was supposed to head to Dubai to do another event there this week but it got cancelled so I am just going to be chilling at home riding and enjoying the nice weather. If you dont have snow in your area go ride your bikes and take advantage of it!


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