Kenneth Tencio Bike Check 2022

A look at KT’s new whip decked out in Eastern black, yellow and red parts.We couldn’t be more stoked for Eastern Bikes team rider Kenneth Tencio. KT will be competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics! In preparation, he decided to hook up two bikes for the trip. Here’s a rundown of Kenneth’s Olympic bikes.

Frame: Eastern Prototype Park Frame

Fork: Swivelhip Fork

Bars: Eastern Scythe 9″

Stem: Eastern Compressor Topload

Grips: Eastern Riblet

Barends: Eastern nylon

Headset: Eastern 45/45

Brakes: None

Clamp: Integrated

Seatpost: Eastern Throttle Forged

Seat: Eastern Fat Pivotal black tar

Pedals: Eastern Linx

Cranks: Eastern Reynolds

Sprocket: Custom

Eastern Half Link

Front tire:
Eastern Throttle

Front wheel:

Rear tire:
Eastern Throttle

Rear wheel:

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