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So as most of you already know we just did a little filming trip to AZ with the Mangler, Wiz, Seamus, and me. It ended up being one of the funnest trips I’d been on in a real long time, here are a couple photos you haven’t seen yet from my camera.

mangler shooting seamusHere is a pic of me shooting Mangler shoot Seamus, whooa!

img_0992Here are the locals that where showing us around, KC, Caleb, Kyle, and Josh.img_1002 Seamus was super excited to hit the vast amount of curved wallrides AZ has to offer, but I think he took hitting curved wallrides too literally because he attempted to head butt this one.img_1004 Here’s Mangler using his technology to show Seamus what happens when you head butt walls. I’m thinking he really believed me when I told him we where going to AZ to film for Scarred.img_1008 Mangler is all business, he is not scared to wake up a bum and pay him 3 dollars to move so Seamus could wall ride around his house.

img_1011 Here is Seamus on the first half of the bumfights wallride.img_1021 And here is the second half of the wallride where Seamus caught some sick air while wearing only 1/2 of his clothes. So the trip ended soon after that and I headed back to Charlotte to hang out with this guy img_0018

By now Nick and I only have less than two weeks left here in NC till we head back home so we’re trying to ride as much stuff as we can before its too late. This weekend we got an awesome filming trip set up for Greenville SC, where we will be riding awesome spots like twin towersimg_0005

And many other fresh untapped spots your gonna have to wait and see till the video. Oh yeah and Nick has a sweet new beard.img_1033

Once again, until next time America…


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