Josh Perry Bike Check

New Bike Check and riding shots from Eastern pro Josh Perry at the famed Jaycee Park in Greenville, NC.
Photos by Darron Monroe @norradpicsncheese

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Frame: Eastern “Transcend” 20.75
Fork: Eastern Slayer
Bars: Eastern Tranny
Headset: Eastern with old FSA Impact spacer
Stem: Demolition Stealth
Grips: ODI long Neck
Barends: ODI
Gyro: Odyssey
Pedals: Eastern Crown
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu 28T
Chain: Eastern Half-Link
Hubs: Demoltion (“Rogue” V2, rear/ “Ghost”, front)
Tires: Maxxis folding (“Torch” rear 20×1.95/ “DTH” front 20×2.20)
Spokes: Demolition
Rim: Demolition Zero
Pegs: Eastern Slim
Seat Post: Demolition
Seat Post Clamp: Demolition
Seat: Eastern Josh Perry Signature
Brakes: Demoliton Vulcan
Brake Lever: Odyssey Medium
Cables: SST top and bottom, dual bottoms
Brake Pads: Odyssey Clear
Mods: MTB brake noodles and a tire as a spacer in my BB to keep my cranks tight

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