Jomo Pro Weekend

Hey guys,

Let me first say whats up and WOW! What a weekend, still can`t believe it. Crazy thing is i was not planning on going to Jomo because i didnt have the money to get there, but my friend had an idea. He had to do a show weekend after in Louisiana and said if i wanted to do the show we could drive there for free, hit Jomo, and  then the show. So I said for sure! Glad I did because it was an epic weekend for me and probably the best time I have ever had on my bike.  Was so much fun seeing everyone including Leigh and Kelly, park was real fun, and overall vibe was sweet. Check out and for all the coverage.

I am now in Texas at a shady Days Inn hotel on my way to Louisiana. We stopped at some swampy pond we saw off the side of the highway to fish, caught nothing but saw a huge bass jump and got excited but then had to leave because the mosquitos were crazy. Last night we got in around 9, got our room, got some food, then headed to go bowl at the local lanes. That was an awkward night, ask me about it in person if you happen to remember. Anyway im heading back on the road in a few minutes but wanted to get a blog of my weekend and my trip so far. I will put in some pics on the bottom and look for another blog by next Monday or so. There is also a pic in there of what my heel looks like due to wrecking over and over trying to pull my best trick.

Until then take care and go shred!!!!





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