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A revolution in a world of overcomplicated freecoaster design. It’s simplistic design creates a more durable freecoaster. 3 slack options available. Comes with a built-in groove in the shell to accept the Eastern Pop-n-Lock hubguard.[hr]

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An Eastern Bikes innovation, the Birectional is the first ever hub that can be switched to right- or left-hand drive with no additional parts. Comes with a built-in groove in the shell to accept the Eastern Pop-n-Lock hubguard to protect those precious spokes. See how it works here.[hr]




Clean, classicly styled and very reliable. It’s durable sealed bearings keep the elements out and the maintenance to a minimum. The variety of frosty matte anodized colors will liven up any ride or match with other ano parts.[hr]

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4 thoughts on “HUBS

  1. Hello I am angel and I am looking to purchase your cheapest precision bearing axle on the front wheel, for an eastern shovelhead bmx. Please notify me with cheapest transaction. Thank you.

  2. I have a 24″ night train and I’m trying to source hub parts, it seems that the driver has sepperated. I am thinking of building a custom set of wheels, but I’m having a tough time with my research because it’s a 24″ single speed mtb/bmx hub. Do you guys make replacement hubs? Or can you recomend what I should search for? Thank you

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