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GROWLER 26″ 29

COMMANDO 16″ 20″ 24 

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  1. I’m in search of a certain seat for my 2010 Eastern trail digger intermediate black & purple… 2010 eastern letters pivotal purple. Trying to keep the bike true to eastern.

    1. I’m sorry Andrew. We no longer make that seat. We’ll have a new crop of goods coming in at the end of the summer. So maybe we’ll have something that could work. Thanks for riding Eastern!

  2. I have a eastern bi-rectional hub and want to know what other hub guards fit besides the pop n lock one. Also while I’m here could i kindly ask for you to send me a few stickers? I’ll shoutout to you on Instagram?

    42 high street
    Dn21 3jy

  3. At the same time I’m in need of the original style stickers and decals from my 2010 eastern traildigger because it was stolen and I found the crooks before they could paint it but not before they could scrap and sand off all that…. any way could get something like that style or those exact.???

    1. We don’t keep extra decal sets like that around. If you really want the stickers, we can send you the files if you want to get the stickers made yourself. Let us know. Thanks Andrew

  4. My sons 2009 Jane was stolen and we found it . I wanted to know if there’s anyway to confirm his bikes serial number though? ESW9G04164 . The reason being it was still in great shape when it was taken and even though it was only gone 36 hours it looks completely different . They painted Everything BIEGE !! Tires rims forks everything needs to be re-done . We have the receipt just wanted to know if there’s anything more we can get from serial number . Date sold and such?

    1. We might be able to help you if you send us some pics of the bike. The way it was manufactured (geometry, etc.) is the only way we could tell.

  5. I cant seem to find an eastern retailer anywhere on the west coast (WA) im looking for a hardtail mountain/bmx preferably an eatern night train. Can you please point me to your distributers? Thanks

    1. Hi Nick. We are working hard to pull things back together and will be getting back into the swing of things with a brand new 2016 line dropping in October. Ask your local shop to contact us about a preorder for your Night Train. Thanks!

  6. I have been riding my night train for like 3 years and there’s like only one dent and it’s stiff and floaty as ever but please revise the geo for street or try a prototype geo on a separate frame and send me one so I can like ride it like a factory team dude also my headtube Is going a little eggy also revised for street just means high bb and like steeper headtube and longer actual top tube not effective length it’s pretty good for me and I’m 6′ 5

    1. Thanks for the feedback Cole. We’ll take it into consideration. Send us an edit. If you are ripping hard enough, who knows, we might be able to hook you up. Thanks Cole!

  7. Hi,

    I would like to know if it was possible to have free stickers from you.
    Here’s my adress:
    Olivier Giroux-Simpson
    835 39e avenue
    Lachine QC H8T 2E5


  8. I’ve had my eastern a little over a year and can’t any one tell me what year or model it is can you if I gave you the serial numbers

  9. Hi I’m 43 years old I raced bmx till 33 I got into down hill mtb I still race motor cross and my training bike is a Easton night train and I love it, it’s hard to break and I have had many bikes the bikes that make it get hung up the other given away but my Easton I will ride for ever. Thanks I think it will break me before I break it. Cheers for a bike I have search most of my life for.

  10. i have a eastern bought from a buddy. Trying to find out what frame it is exactly the serial # is K7KY006728. Thx

  11. I have an eastern frame that I’m trying to figure out what it is. Can u help please? This is the serial # 048W2D0003

  12. hi i just got my little brothers eastern reaper 2012 stolen i was wondering if mayb u could help me find a new one do u guys have one please contact me back asap thanks.

  13. Hey guys! Pretty stoked just bought and brand new 2012 chief and just turn 40, so why not get back into it! Anyway bike is dope and I wanted to get a few stickers for the frame and helmet. It would be great if you could tell me how I could purchase them. Bike is Blk/Blu.

    Thank you!

  14. Can you send me please a copy of the “eastern” logo files? I’d like to make a sticker and i need that. Thanks

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