Happy Birthday Erik!

I would have to say that Erik is one of our biggest supporters out this way.  He Loves bikes and everything that pertains to them.  I can’t think of anyone else out here that has shown and given Eastern Bikes as much love and support as Erik has.  From the Death of Fun to the pictures on his wall, Erik has it all.  Thank you Erik for all the years of interest and support.  Stoked to have you rocking’ Eastern!  Happy Birthday Erik!!!

Here are some Eastern Logo pics Erik sent my way…

This one is of Erik’s Journey rockin’ Eastern components.

Here is a little poem Erik wrote about life…

Something so pure, something so true.  When I go ride I’m not feeling blue.

I love it so much, I can’t get enough.  Though falling down can be a bit rough.

But I keep going, those lines I’m still flown’, even though with distractions it’s tough.

written by Erik Boggs

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