Back To School Special!!!

So I’ve had an interesting week this week.  Dan Seig, Lane George, and Justin Wood stopped by to shred and do some school shows.  I love hangin’ out with those dudes!  I’m always stoked to ride ramps in front of screamin’ kids with that crew. Those dudes kill it!!! Yesterday I ended the school year with a flat demo At Monroe Elementary.  I promised these kids that if they spent the entire year dedicated and committed to doing their best in and out of school that I’d come back at the end of the year and do a little demo as a reward for their hard work.  Needless to say they held up their end of the deal.  We all had a great time this afternoon.  Thank you to the Monroe staff for the countless hours dedicated to the lives of our young ones.  Nice job Monroe students for ANOTHER year of hard work!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!  You guys make my life so fun!  I cannot thank you all enough!  Too bad for you guys… ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  For me, Vacation starts NOW!!!

This kid helps out with almost all of the school events at Monroe, so he has a very special relationship with these guys.  Setting an awesome example for the kids… My best friend and ultimate role model… Tyler

I can show you how to start a classroom riot in about .1 seconds.  Mrs. Fo’s class celebrating a year dedicated to excellence!  Great job guys!

BONUS!!! It’s not too often that I post any vids, so enjoy…

Make it Rain!!!

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