Gatica’s Grim

Manuel Gatica’s Grim Reaper X bike build.

Manuel Gatica’s Grim Reaper X is one bad vert machine. This ride has a clean blacked out look with some pops of purple. If you get out to Woodward West, you’ll likely find Manuel Gatica blasting full speed at the vert ramp on his Grim.

Frame: Eastern Grim Reaper X (black)

Fork: Eastern Swivelhip (black)

Bars: Eastern Scythe (black)

Stem: Eastern Compressor Top Load (black)

Grips: Odi

Barends: Odi

Headset: Eastern 45/45 (black)

Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2.5

Levers: Odyssey Mono lever

Detangler: Snafu

Clamp: Integrated

Seatpost: Odyssey

Seat: Odyssey

Pedals: Snafu

Cranks: Eastern Throttle 48 Spline

Sprocket: Odyssey 28t

Chain: KMC

Front Tire: Khe Mac 2

Front Wheel: Profile mini 3/8 Ti bolt – Alienation Mischief rim .

Rear Tire: Khe Mac 2

Rear wheel: Profile mini 3/8 Ti bolt Ti driver 9t – Alienation Felon rim

Pegs: nope

Riding photos by Nic Hilton / Bike photos by Manuel Gatica

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