From chilling to scrambling…..

Well ……the last month has been full of surprises, good ones though. I received a POEM from Jordi in Holland, yep a BMX Poem about my riding and playing music. It is pretty awesome of the things he came up with, he also had to translate it into English, which makes it that much better. I met Jose Yanez the first person to flip a BMX bike, and was also the rider in the 80’s epic movie “Rad”.  I was graciously invited to Woodward West as a visiting Pro. On the drive out Route 58 was closed due to a fire that came down the mountain onto the road. pretty sketchy. After waiting about an hour for the road to open back up I walked around camp to find campers jumping 30ft off a tiny kicker, later that night I played a song off my second ALBUM “Songs From there and Here” in the talent show for campers and had a really good milk shake compliments of my friend JR from AZ who was also hangin at camp for the week. It was a good week, huge thanks to camp for having me and all the fun campers I got to meet.   On the drive back from camp to AZ, I drove into a massive dust storm, called a Haboob, that’s the real name. I looks crazy from far away. Last minute I received a call and was offered to Judge the Woodward Jam comp at Woodward, sooooooo, I was back on the road again to spend 5 days at camp again, after being home for 2 days. Not a bad place to be, since it has been hot and rainy in AZ.  The comp was sick and although hard to judge due to everyone killing it, I had a really fun time.  Now I’m back home and ready to ride my local spots!

Jordi’s BMX poem:

Adam is my name, music is in my vaines. Music is a passion also some bmx. Im Lucky i can do luckys.
Hang-five are cool to do, especially when you’re on a roll. Odyssey is a Company, so is Eastern.

They both are great, all in a different way My 3rd album is on its way.

Crashes happen all the time, but you may end up with some hospital time Friends are a great support

with chillin is nothing wrong. All this work for only one purpurse, and thats making clear to people how awesome he is.

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