Food Matters

I recently watched this documentary on netflix called “Food Matters”. I think everyone should watch it and do so with an open mind. In a nutshell it’s about how were poisoning ourselves by eating food we think is good and healthy but isnt. Also about how important vitamins are for our overall health and how our bodies can fight off everything if we were not vitamin and nutrient deficient. I myself have cut out soda,candy, and things like that this year and have started eating “organic”. People get weird when the word “organic” is used but in reality it’s the same as we eat on a daily basis just safer for your body. It pretty much means you eat things that are not pumped with hormones, preserved, and or sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. I urge people no matter how old they are to watch the documentary and try to take it in. I believe it will make you feel better in all ways and help keep your body and mind stronger.

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