EB2KY Kentucky Road Trip

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We are proud to present “EB2KY”, an Eastern Bikes road trip to Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is kind of like a trippy, ghetto paradise for BMX. Amongst its attractions are the famous Mega Cavern and the enormous Dave Armstrong Extreme Park.  Most of the riders on the trip had never met before, so EB2KY is a nice intro to these hungry young rippers as they got to know one other. The crew consisted of Kenneth Tencio, Jonathan Bronson, Ryan Cibulski, Josh Roberson, Zach Kring, Trey Turner, and Eastern TM Robbie Taylor. Eastern wisely teamed up with Teer Drop Media to document this trip and it is truly a feast for the eyes. Filmer/photogs Jacob Teer and Evan Trudeau should get a medal for their efforts. Enjoy these three gnarly days in Kentucky!

Video by Teer Drop Media

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