Last night UNC played in the National Championship for basketball. Being from Pittsboro, 20 minutes away from Chapel Hill, and being a Carolina fan my whole life I found it suitable to go watch the game in Chapel Hill. I drove from greenville sometime after class monday and watched the game in the stadium where that had it projected on 5 different screens. (they were playing in detriot) They ended up beating Michigan State by quite a bit and the place was going wild. After the game me and lets say 40,000 of my closest friends ran to Franklin Street, the main street in Chapel Hill, to celebrate. There is a pretty cool video from a local news paper here. and we got some pretty good pictures. There were so many people there climbing the light poles and burning whatever they could find. I somehow randomly ran into my brother amounst the crowd all by himself wondering around. That was cool.

I stayed in Chapel Hill that night and got up early to be back in class, in greenville, at 10 am the next morning. I am still very tired was but it was definately worth it. Maybe nxt time Ill have some riding updates.

Ride Yo bike

-Darren B

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