Welp, if you have been under a rock, then you wouldn’t know that Odyssey treated the entire team to a Palm Springs trip. About 20 dudes in one rented, sweet house. Believe it or not we were out to the first spot by 10 AM every morning. The trip was rad, 2 filmer’s was not enough for a team of about 13. So getting clips was hit or miss at each spot. Awesome trip and awesome people. Thanks again to everyone at Odyssey! After a week of filming there I still wanted more so I drove down to San Diego and stayed with Justin Kosman and filmed some interviews that will be used through out 2012 for various projects, riding and non riding stuff. Even recorded a few little acoustic jams in his studio. Kosman is one of the most dialed people in media BMX.  While in SoCal I also visited Armourdillo, I ride for them and they make the best belts and wallets of any style. They have doubled in warehouse space since last visit and I went shopping there like a little kid. After that I went on up north to JUST outside of Compton to visit S-One helmets, those guys are super cool and make some comfy brain buckets. Last and not least, Gary Young and I who both ride for C.T.i Knee Brace made an appointment to get refitted. It take longer than expected but, it was great talking with the good people there and to get a new comfy brace! So stoked.

Whew. It was a long super busy trip, and even more productive one. Back in AZ now enjoying the amazing winter here riding everyday in a t-shirt. Love it.

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