Brett Silva Bike Check

Brett Silva just put together his Eastern Vaquero Frame and then jumped off a hotel. That’s just how he does it. Here is a run down of what Brett rocks.
All photos by Scott Criv

Brett Bike Check
Frame:  Eastern Vaquero 21.25″ Matte Purple
What I like best about…..  Best Frame I have ever ridden.  The bigger dropouts in the back make me feel safe. And it’s the perfect height for me.

Brett Bike Check 2
Fork:  Eastern Hawkeye
Bars:  Terrible 1  8.85″ rise

Brett Bike Check 3
:  Eastern Crown
:  Eclat  
:  Shogun 25 tooth
Seat Post:  Kink
Seat:  Duo

Brett Bike Check 4
: Eastern Venus(..they can handle the big drops… look at the photos at the end…)
Hub Guard: Eastern Pop-N-Lock
Back Tire
:  Fuquay-Flyer Kevlar Folding  
Front Tire
:  Shadow

Brett Bike Check 5  
:  Eastern  
:  Animal
Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brett Bike Check 6
Brett figured out the fastest fire exit from this old motel.

Brett Bike Check 7
Bike checks can be pretty demanding.

Thanks for the photos Scott! Check out Cranks and Banks for more of the New England scene.

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