Breast Cancer Awareness Bike

breast cancer awareness bike 1Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Eastern Australia rider Patrick Williamson has decided to show his support by painting his Eastern Element pink and riding it all month. Here’s the official story from Eastern BMX Australia:

“A little while back our sponsored rider Patrick Williamson came to us with an idea that for the month of October he would like to run a pink bike in support of the McGrath Foundation. We agreed FAST and got this sorted. For the month of October Patrick will be riding this stella Pink Eastern Bikes Element which was kindly painted up by Hume Bodyworks and some extra parts were supplied by Backbone bmx! Pat will be raising money over the month and then at the end of the month will be selling the bike with all profits going to the McGrath Foundation to assist with the excellent work they do! Details on how to donate will be up soon but for now check out the images……we are really excited by this!” 

breast cancer awareness bike 2

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