BoJangles and N.C.

The high light of the last four weeks for me was getting back to east. It was an official Eastern trip but thanks to Leigh I was able to start and finish it at my parents house. Even though I got a gnarly stomach virus, it was still great to see family. and luckily it did NOT interrupt my riding part of the trip in North Carolina. Leigh and his wife were nice enough to let me stay at their house and hang with the newest addition to the family, Josephine. We’re friends on Facebook now and a she’s a really cool down to earthย  14 month old.
the first 3 days the weather was amazing, then the heat and humidity set in, we still rode a bunch, everyday in fact. Sometimes I just rode by myself while Leigh filmed me not pulled some tricks for a really long time, and sometimes I pulled them, Friday Flick in the works!
Leigh also rode in a pretty big regional contest in NC put on by Keith King.ย  It was a really awesome comp. I got to see people I haven’t not seen in years and I also got to film Leigh enter the Vet class and land a strong podium placing of 3rd. He went down really hard on a tuck 3 over the box, but still finished his run. Also pretty much pulled everything he wanted in his run I believe. It was so fun to watch him ride, and he was def a crowd favorite so I’m not the only one who was pumped to see him enter.ย  We did a shop stop and had the best time ever with some locals and the legend Jeremiah jumped the BIG crazy looking bike off a launch ramp. It was a highlight for sure.ย  ON top of riding a ton of super sick foundation spots I got to hang and ride with team mates Josh Perry and Zack Rogers, that was awesome. Big thanks to Zack again for showing us spots in Charlotte. Big thanks to Josh for letting us ride his drive way ramps and having a fun cookout and spend the day at his place in Greenville too. I also broke Josh’s lawn chair, by sitting in it. Yes, that really happens. Sorry Josh!
Lets see, rode the shot gun trails, so fun and amazing and hang out with Seamus Mckeon. Now that’s a treat! Swung by Eastern HQ to check new product and see the catalog.

All and all it was a great trip, thanks again eastern and Leigh and Katie! Now I’m back in the heat where riding at night is the only option.

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