Blizzard 2009?

For the past few days we have been bombarded with weather warnings preparing us for “BLIZZARD 2009!”.  It was refreshing for me due to the fact that we have been spoiled with 60*+ weather for the past month or so.  Around noon we started to get pounded with high winds and snow so thick that it was hard to see 20′ in front of you.  A half hour later, it stopped.  Typical Colorado Springs weather.  Things were getting pretty wet, so I took a nap.  When I woke up there was about 6″ on the ground.  Now we’re talking.   So I stayed up last night shooting it out with Laird, Jerry, and Terrell on COD5 knowing that when morning comes, it will be a winter wonderland.  Ty and I went out to test the conditions around 10:30 p.m..  Some super slick ice with a nice layer of sticky snow, and a good flow of flurries.  A great combination for all out fun.  So I went to bed around 3 thirtyish, after whooping some noobs up with our “extreme fire team”.  I laid in bed so excited for the new day that I could not sleep.  After about the 3rd or 4th round of the P-90 infomercial, I fell asleep.   I had some goofy old school quarter-pike dream where I was busting out some 50’+ airs along with some other aerial trickery.  All of a sudden Ty had woke me up.  It sucks cause it was probably the best I had been riding in my dreams in a while.  What sucks even more is that Ty woke me up to tell me the sun was out!  WHAT?!  Dude, Today was supposed to be stage two of the “BLIZZARD of 2009”!    What happened to 2′ plus of snow?  What happened to, “Do not go outside unless there is an emergency”?  Needless to say I was bummed.  We spent all afternoon into the night shoveling tons, and I mean tons, of snow.   But it’s all good.  Tony came over and we played around on the box.  Not what I expected, but I’m still stoked.  Hope you enjoy more of my stupidity.  Here are some pics from…
No Handed Rocket
THe 12 hour Blizzard of 09′
photos by T.Rohrbach

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