Bike Check: Robbie Taylor’s Thunderbird

The new 2019 Eastern Thunderbird is our TM Robbie Taylor‘s baby. He wanted to make sure we had a dirt specific bike in the line once again and it needed to have Curb Monkey tires! He worked out the geometry to make sure this dirt jumper was roast-ready out of the box! Check out his personal custom BMX bike below and be sure to check out the Eastern Thunderbird V2

Bike Specs

Frame: Eastern Thunderbird

Fork: Eastern Swivelhip

Bars: 9″ Eastern Tranny

Stem: Eastern Compressor Topload

Grips: ODI Longneck

Barends: ODI

Headset: Eastern Campy Style 45/45

Brakes: No brakes right Meow

Levers: My foot

Detangler: None

Clamp: Integrated

Seatpost: Eastern Forged Atom Post

Seat: Eastern Pivotal White Leather

Pedals: Eastern Facet

Cranks: Eastern Reynolds 853 – 175mm

Sprocket: FBM 28t

Chain: Eastern Half Link

BB: Eastern Mid BB

Front tire: Curb Monkey 2.4 100PSI

Front wheel: Eastern Buzzip

Rear tire: Curb Monkey 2.4 100PSI

Rear wheel: Eastern Buzzip

Pegs: 1-800-PEGLESS

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