Bike Check: Anthony Villani

When he’s not packing boxes at our warehouse, Anthony Villani is slinking around the back alleys of NC finding spots. He’s always finding something untouched and attacking it with his own style. Check out Anthony’s one of a kind stripped down chrome Thick Rhonda brakeless build packed with Eastern aftermarket goods.

Frame: Eastern Thick Rhonda 21.69 (paint stripped gold/ chrome)

Fork: Eastern Swivelhip chrome

Bars: Eastern Scythe 10” black

Stem: Eastern Compressor Topload

Grips: Eastern Riblet Clear

Barends: Eastern nylon

Headset: Eastern 45/45 with Tall Cap & Spacer Kit

Brakes: None

Clamp: Integrated Eastern Spy Clamp

Seatpost: Eastern Atom Alloy

Seat: Eastern Durahyde Pivotal

Pedals: Eastern Facet

Cranks: Eastern Throttle 48 Spline

Sprocket: 25T 90east black

Chain: Eastern Half Link

Front tire: Eastern Curb Monkey 100psi

Front wheel: Eastern Buzzip

Rear tire: Eastern Curb Monkey 100psi

Rear wheel: Eastern Buzzip

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