BIKE CHECK: Adam Banton | Grim Reaper X


Check out Adam Banton‘s finely tuned Grim Reaper X in our new Goblin Green color along with a sneak peek at our new 4 Piece Bars.


Photos by Adam Banton

[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]

Time Lapse by Adam Banton

Frame: Eastern Grim Reaper X 20.75
Fork: Odyssey F25
Bars: Eastern 4 piece
Grips: Odyssey
Stem: Eastern
Headset: Odyssey PRO
Front Wheel: Odyssey
Front Tire: Eastern Proto type
Seat: Eastern Fat Pivotal
Post: Eastern Pivotal
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Sprocket: Odyssey
BB: Eastern
Pedals: Odyssey
Chain: Odyssey
Rear Wheel: Odyssey
Rear Tire: Eastern Squealer 100psi 2.4″
Plastic or steel Pegs: Plastic now. I run both, sometimes I mix them.
Brakes: YES.

Any Mods?
Yes, I drilled the frame out for the “Webbie” mod lower gyro cable. Was pretty simple, shout out to Josh Perry, Nick Bruce and Rob Armor for the tips.

Tire pressure choice? 80lbs for park, 65 for street.[/threecol_one_last]


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