Better later, than never-er.

Whats up everyone? Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. I did, didn’t go super big, but had  really great food from scratch with the lady. Sweet Potatoe pie took the win. So, If you have been reading my FB updates, Tweets and all that crap, then you’ll know that I’ve been starting “officially” to prep for my new record to be recorded in March. So I dove head first into searching out some vintage amps and becoming really poor instantly because of it, taking guitar lessons (never too late right) and really playing a lot more consistently. Keep following me on all the Social outlets for updates and sound samples. Let’s see other than that, riding around the neighborhood more than usual since the weather is so good out here. finding some street gems around.
Rode the Sedona park a few weeks ago and it was a super fun sesh with Drew Hosselton and Arnold from France. He made a cool edit out of it, if you haven’t seen it yet, its out there on all the titan sites. I included a sneak peek of a screen grab of a pool edit dropping soon on ESPN that’s also a split edit with Drew and I. The troubles of getting edits out, are annoying sometimes, like, cameras breaking, SD cards getting fried because it was 105 F some days, and thus losing footage, but anyway it’s coming out. Better late than never once again ,right? I wrote the song and played it too. Hit me up on Facebook if you really really hate it. Or like it. This coming week, some people are coming into town, should be a good time. It’s that time of year where everyone visits AZ to escape the winter. Come on out! Only come out if you like to ride in perfect weather, have a choice of a billion spots, and can do it before May.

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