Adam Banton’s Album ‘Escapism’ Out Now

The long-labored over album ‘Escapism’ from long-time Eastern Bikes pro Adam Banton is available now. Adam’s style is heavily steeped in the culture and landscape of southwest Americana. While its tinged with classic western twang and the feel of the desert, the album subtly blends a number of musical influences with a casual grace. It’s Adam’s most ambitious album to date and definitely worth picking up. Check out the video below from ESPN.

“My 3rd instrumental album is FINALLY available. What a long experience this has been, but doing it the right way was imperative. I can happily say Escapism came out the absolute best it could be. It’s an honor to have Jeff Livingston, Ron Marschall, Matt Wiser and skate legend Ray Barbee on this record. Thank you to all my Kickstarter backers for becoming part of ‘Escapism’ and all who support this. Thanks to Eastern for always supporting me for not just my riding, but my music as well. I hope you all enjoy ‘Escapism’ on a long road trip this summer. Get the vinyl + digital album at my Big Cartel Store and Or just get the digital album on iTunes. ”
– Adam Banton

Instagram: @adambanton

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