Josh Perry in Hilton Head

Hey Everyone, I just got back from Hilton Head, SC with the Creative Sports Stunt Team. We went to help out an event my mom helped put on to raise money for Alzheimer’s. The event was called “Walk To End Alzheimer’s”.


We gave away an Eastern Bikes Cobra complete to raffle off. All the proceeds went towards the cause and we were psyched we could help out! 
The woman in the yellow shirt is my mom Chrissy and the woman in the purple shirt is her friend Rebecca. Both these amazing woman did a great job putting on an amazing event to help support people in need.


Huge thanks to Dan Hubbard and Joe Scarborough for making it possible as well as Eastern Bikes for donating the bike! 
Now go ride that bike of yours and if you ever have the chance to help someone in need, don’t let it pass by.


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